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Based in Sydney, Australia

Release date:
5 June, 2018

PC / Mac (itch.io)


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A frantic, 2-player, couch co-op game revolving around planets, teamwork, and destruction. THE BEAM TEAM: You and your team are interstellar diplomats from the planet Yoofo, and you've just received your latest orders: find and destroy the other planets in this quadrant of the galaxy. At least... you're pretty sure that's what they said; the signal gets spotty out here. It's an unusual mission for your department, but hey, diplomats are nothing if not adaptable.


Beam Team was adapted from a prototype for a single player arcade game. It was released in beta, with players loving it at conventions across Sydney. By collaborating with players and giving them access to each new feature as it was implemented, Beam Team was developed to bring maximum fun to its players.


  • Adorable planets that get angry when you fight them.
  • Gripping, intense, white-knuckled action.
  • Completely customisable difficulty so that you can play the game your way.
  • Single Player or Co-op mode, for Keyboard, Dualshock or Gamepad.
  • Finally know which of your friends is best at planetary annihilation.


There are currently no trailers available for Beam Team. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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Beam Team Earth 1.png
Beam Team Logo.png
Beam Team Jelly 1.png
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Beam Team Tock 1.png
Beam Team Expanse 1.png
Beam Team Earth 3.png
Beam Team Cinematic 1.png
Beam Team Earth 2.png
Beam Team Jelly 2.png
Beam Team Earth 4.png

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Selected Articles

  • ""The game is bright, colourful, and very entertaining.""
    - Matt S., Digitally Downloaded
  • "Beam Team definitely has a good mix of simple and challenging while having a cute and charming appearance. Playing the game at SMASH! 2018 was loads of fun and it was very satisfying to finally defeat the Donut Planet after an hour or so. Looking forward to more challenging planets!."
    - HaruTsunX, Itch.io

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Beam Team Credits

Daum Park
Design and Programming

Reuben Moorhouse

Sydney Liao

Jay Tan

Christine Pan
Music and Sound design

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